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(Miscellaneous Commands): Delete M-g, w, T.

parent bab5541b
......@@ -1108,11 +1108,6 @@ will toggle between those two.
@end table
@table @kbd
@findex dired-goto-file
@kindex M-g
@item M-g
(@code{dired-goto-file}) Go to the line of a file (or directory).
@findex dired-goto-subdir
@kindex M-G
@item M-G
......@@ -1121,43 +1116,6 @@ This command reads its argument, with completion derived from the names of the
inserted subdirectories.
@end table
@table @kbd
@item w
@cindex Adding to the kill ring in Dired.
@kindex w
@findex dired-copy-filename-as-kill
(@code{dired-copy-filename-as-kill}) The @kbd{w} command puts the names
of the marked (or next @var{N}) files into the kill ring, as if you had
killed them with @kbd{C-w}. With a zero prefix argument @var{N}=0, use the
complete pathname of each file. With a raw (just @kbd{C-u}) prefix argument,
use the relative pathname of each marked file. As a special case, if no
prefix argument is given and point is on a directory headerline, it
gives you the name of that directory, without looking for marked files.
@vindex dired-marked-files
The list of names is also stored onto the variable @code{dired-marked-files}
for use, e.g., in the @kbd{M-:} (@code{eval-expression}) command.
As this command also displays what was pushed onto the kill ring, you can
use it to display the list of currently marked files in the
echo area (unless you happen to be on a subdirectory headerline).
You can then feed the file name to other Emacs commands with @kbd{C-y}.
For example, say you want to rename a file with a long name to a slightly
different name. First type @kbd{w} to push the old name onto the kill
ring. Then type @kbd{R} to rename it and use @kbd{C-y} inside @kbd{R}'s
minibuffer prompt to insert the old name at a convenient place.
@item T
@kindex T
@cindex Toggling marks.
@findex dired-do-toggle
(@code{dired-do-toggle}) Toggle marks. That is, currently marked
files become unmarked and vice versa. Files marked with other flags
(such as @samp{D}) are not affected. The special directories @file{.}
and @file{..} are never toggled.
@end table
@table @code
@item dired-smart-shell-command
@findex dired-smart-shell-command
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