Commit 5ef2f81f authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(comint-ptyp, comint-completion-autolist): Doc fix.

parent 66ac65bd
......@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ executed once when the buffer is created.")
(defvar comint-ptyp t
"Non-nil if communications via pty; false if by pipe. Buffer local.
This is to work around a bug in Emacs process signalling.")
This is to work around a bug in Emacs process signaling.")
(defvar comint-input-ring nil)
(defvar comint-last-input-start)
......@@ -1796,7 +1796,7 @@ See `comint-prompt-regexp'."
;;; want them present in specific modes.
(defvar comint-completion-autolist nil
"*If non-nil, automatically list possiblities on partial completion.
"*If non-nil, automatically list possibilities on partial completion.
This mirrors the optional behavior of tcsh.")
(defvar comint-completion-addsuffix t
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