Commit 5f1a9647 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* doc/lispref/searching.texi (Replacing Match): Fix xref.

parent 7434641b
2013-01-03 Glenn Morris <>
* searching.texi (Replacing Match): Fix xref.
* elisp.texi (DATE): Bump to Jan 2013.
2012-12-31 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -1325,7 +1325,7 @@ This stands for a single @samp{\} in the replacement text.
@item @samp{\?}
This stands for itself (for compatibility with @code{replace-regexp}
and related commands; @pxref{Regexp Replacement,,, emacs, The GNU
and related commands; @pxref{Regexp Replace,,, emacs, The GNU
Emacs Manual}).
@end table
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