Commit 5f1aa826 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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Don't defconst the colon symbols, since they

evaluate to themselves now anyway.
parent fc7ec9cd
......@@ -107,26 +107,6 @@
(defvar cl-optimize-safety 1)
;;; Keywords used in this package.
(defconst :test ':test)
(defconst :test-not ':test-not)
(defconst :key ':key)
(defconst :start ':start)
(defconst :start1 ':start1)
(defconst :start2 ':start2)
(defconst :end ':end)
(defconst :end1 ':end1)
(defconst :end2 ':end2)
(defconst :count ':count)
(defconst :initial-value ':initial-value)
(defconst :size ':size)
(defconst :from-end ':from-end)
(defconst :rehash-size ':rehash-size)
(defconst :rehash-threshold ':rehash-threshold)
(defconst :allow-other-keys ':allow-other-keys)
(defvar custom-print-functions nil
"This is a list of functions that format user objects for printing.
Each function is called in turn with three arguments: the object, the
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