Commit 5f46b51a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(comint-send-input): Don't call comint-arguments

to set HISTORY, even if comint-input-autoexpand is not `history'.
When comint-input-autoexpand is `history', undo part of prev change:
do put INPUT back in the buffer in place of expanded hist.
parent 85588571
......@@ -1081,12 +1081,15 @@ Similarly for Soar, Scheme, etc."
(buffer-substring pmark (point))))
(history (if (not (eq comint-input-autoexpand 'history))
(comint-arguments input 0 nil)
;; This is messy 'cos ultimately the original
;; functions used do insertion, rather than return
;; strings. We have to expand, then insert back.
(buffer-substring pmark (point)))))
(let ((copy (buffer-substring pmark (point))))
(delete-region pmark (point))
(insert input)
(if comint-process-echoes
(delete-region pmark (point))
(insert ?\n))
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