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Enhanced mouse events. Grep decoupled from compile.

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......@@ -1410,11 +1410,33 @@ it remains unchanged.
When loading many files, for instance with `emacs *', Emacs normally
displays a buffer menu. This option turns the buffer menu off.
** New user option `compilation-environment'.
** Compilation mode enhancements:
*** New user option `compilation-environment'.
This option allows you to specify environment variables for inferior
compilation processes without affecting the environment that all
subprocesses inherit.
*** `next-error' now temporarily highlights the corresponding source line.
** Grep has been decoupled from compilation mode setup.
*** Grep commands now have their own submenu and customization group.
*** The new variables `grep-window-height', `grep-auto-highlight', and
`grep-scroll-output' can be used to override the corresponding
compilation mode settings for grep commands.
*** Source line is temporarily highlighted when going to next match.
*** New key bindings in grep output window:
SPC and DEL scrolls window up and down. C-n and C-p moves to next and
previous match in the grep window. RET jumps to the source line of
the current match. `n' and `p' shows next and previous match in
other window, but does not switch buffer. `{' and `}' jumps to the
previous or next file in the grep output. TAB also jumps to the next
** Rmail now displays 5-digit message ids in its summary buffer.
......@@ -1695,6 +1717,38 @@ configuration files.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.4
** Mouse event enhancements:
*** Mouse clicks on fringes now generates left-fringe or right-fringes
events, rather than a text area click event.
*** Mouse events now includes buffer position for all event types.
*** `posn-point' now returns buffer position for non-text area events.
*** Function `mouse-set-point' now works for events outside text area.
*** Ǹew function `posn-area' returns window area clicked on (nil means
text area).
*** Mouse events include actual glyph column and row for all event types.
*** New function `posn-actual-col-row' returns actual glyph coordinates.
** New function `force-window-update' can initiate a full redisplay of
one or all windows. Normally, this is not needed as changes in window
contents are detected automatically. However, certain implicit
changes to mode lines, header lines, or display properties may require
forcing an explicit window update.
** New function `redirect-debugging-output' can be used to redirect
debugging output on the stderr file handle to a file.
** `split-string' now includes null substrings in the returned list if
the optional argument SEPARATORS is non-nil and there are matches for
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