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;;; Multiplication puzzle for GNU Emacs
;;; by Philippe Schnoebelen <>
;;; Last modified on 11 Nov 1990
;;; Copyright (C) 1990 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. No author or distributor
;; accepts responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it
;; or for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all,
;; unless he says so in writing. Refer to the GNU Emacs General Public
;; License for full details.
;; Everyone is granted permission to copy, modify and redistribute
;; GNU Emacs, but only under the conditions described in the
;; GNU Emacs General Public License. A copy of this license is
;; supposed to have been given to you along with GNU Emacs so you
;; can know your rights and responsibilities. It should be in a
;; file named COPYING. Among other things, the copyright notice
;; and this notice must be preserved on all copies.
(random t) ; randomize
(defun mpuz-random (n)
"Return a random integer between 0 and N - 1 inclusive."
(setq n (% (random) n))
(if (< n 0) (- n) n))
(defvar mpuz-silent nil
"*Set this to T if you don't want dings on inputs.")
(defun mpuz-ding ()
"Dings, unless global variable MPUZ-SILENT forbids it."
(or mpuz-silent (ding t)))
;; Mpuz mode and keymaps
(defvar mpuz-mode-hook nil)
(defvar mpuz-mode-map nil
"Local keymap to use in Mult Puzzle.")
(defvar mpuz-read-map nil
"Local keymap to use (sometimes) in Mult Puzzle.")
(if mpuz-mode-map nil
(setq mpuz-mode-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "a" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "b" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "c" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "d" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "e" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "f" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "g" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "h" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "i" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "j" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "A" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "B" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "C" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "D" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "E" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "F" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "G" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "H" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "I" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "J" 'mpuz-try-letter)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "\C-g" 'mpuz-offer-abort)
(define-key mpuz-mode-map "?" 'describe-mode))
(if mpuz-read-map nil
(setq mpuz-read-map (make-keymap))
(fillarray mpuz-read-map 'exit-minibuffer))
(defun mpuz-mode ()
"Multiplication puzzle with GNU Emacs.
You have to guess which letters stand for which digits
in the mulplication displayed inside the *Mult Puzzle* buffer.
You may enter a proposal (e.g. A=3) by hitting first the letter A,
then the digit 3, on your keyboard.
At any time, you may leave the game to do other editing work :-)
Then you may resume the game with M-x mult-puzzle.
You may abort a game by hitting Control G."
(setq major-mode 'mpuz-mode
mode-name "Mult Puzzle")
(use-local-map mpuz-mode-map)
(run-hooks 'mpuz-mode-hook))
;; Some variables for statistics
(defvar mpuz-nb-errors 0
"Number of errors already made in current game.")
(defvar mpuz-nb-completed-games 0
"Number of games already completed.")
(defvar mpuz-nb-cumulated-errors 0
"Number of errors made in previous games.")
;; Some variables for game tracking
(defvar mpuz-in-progress nil
"True if a game is currently in progress.")
(defvar mpuz-found-digits (make-vector 10 nil)
"A vector recording which digits have been decrypted.")
(defmacro mpuz-digit-solved-p (digit)
(list 'aref 'mpuz-found-digits digit))
;; A puzzle uses a permutation of [0..9] into itself.
;; We use both the permutation and its inverse.
(defvar mpuz-digit-to-letter (make-vector 10 0)
"A permutation from [0..9] to [0..9].")
(defvar mpuz-letter-to-digit (make-vector 10 0)
"The inverse of mpuz-digit-to-letter.")
(defmacro mpuz-to-digit (letter)
(list 'aref 'mpuz-letter-to-digit letter))
(defmacro mpuz-to-letter (digit)
(list 'aref 'mpuz-digit-to-letter digit))
(defun mpuz-build-random-perm ()
"Initialize puzzle coding with a random permutation."
(let ((letters (list 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)) ; new cons cells, because of delq
(index 10)
(while letters
(setq elem (nth (mpuz-random index) letters)
letters (delq elem letters)
index (1- index))
(aset mpuz-digit-to-letter index elem)
(aset mpuz-letter-to-digit elem index))))
;; A puzzle also uses a board displaying a mulplication.
;; Every digit appears in the board, crypted or not.
(defvar mpuz-board (make-vector 10 nil)
"The board associates ot any digit the list of squares where it appears.")
(defun mpuz-put-digit-on-board (number square)
"Put (last digit of) NUMBER on SQUARE of the puzzle board."
;; i.e. push SQUARE on NUMBER square-list
(setq number (% number 10))
(aset mpuz-board number (cons square (aref mpuz-board number))))
(defun mpuz-check-all-solved ()
"Check whether all digits have been solved. Return t if yes."
(catch 'found
(let ((digit -1))
(while (> 10 (setq digit (1+ digit)))
(if (and (not (mpuz-digit-solved-p digit)) ; unsolved
(aref mpuz-board digit)) ; and appearing in the puzzle !
(throw 'found nil))))
;; To build a puzzle, we take two random numbers and multiply them.
;; We also take a random permutation for encryption.
;; The random numbers are only use to see which digit appears in which square
;; of the board. Everything is stored in individual squares.
(defun mpuz-random-puzzle ()
"Draw random values to be multiplied in a puzzle."
(fillarray mpuz-board nil) ; erase the board
(let (A B C D E)
;; A,B,C,D & E, are the five rows of our multiplication.
;; Choose random values, discarding uninteresting cases.
(while (progn
(setq A (mpuz-random 1000)
B (mpuz-random 100)
C (* A (% B 10))
D (* A (/ B 10))
E (* A B))
(or (< C 1000) (< D 1000)))) ; forbid leading zeros in C or D
;; Individual digits are now put on their respectives squares.
;; [NB: A square is a pair <row,column> of the screen.]
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board A '(2 . 9))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ A 10) '(2 . 7))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ A 100) '(2 . 5))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board B '(4 . 9))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ B 10) '(4 . 7))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board C '(6 . 9))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ C 10) '(6 . 7))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ C 100) '(6 . 5))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ C 1000) '(6 . 3))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board D '(8 . 7))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ D 10) '(8 . 5))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ D 100) '(8 . 3))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ D 1000) '(8 . 1))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board E '(10 . 9))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ E 10) '(10 . 7))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ E 100) '(10 . 5))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ E 1000) '(10 . 3))
(mpuz-put-digit-on-board (/ E 10000) '(10 . 1))))
;; Display
(defconst mpuz-framework
. . .
Number of errors (this game): 0
x . .
. . . .
Number of completed games: 0
. . . .
--------- Average number of errors: 0.00
. . . . ."
"The general picture of the puzzle screen, as a string.")
(defun mpuz-create-buffer ()
"Create (or recreate) the puzzle buffer. Return it."
(let ((buff (get-buffer-create "*Mult Puzzle*")))
(set-buffer buff)
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(insert mpuz-framework)
(defun mpuz-paint-errors ()
"Paint error count on the puzzle screen."
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(goto-line 3)
(move-to-column 49)
(insert (prin1-to-string mpuz-nb-errors))))
(defun mpuz-paint-statistics ()
"Paint statistics about previous games on the puzzle screen."
(let* ((mean (if (zerop mpuz-nb-completed-games) 0
(/ (+ mpuz-nb-completed-games (* 200 mpuz-nb-cumulated-errors))
(* 2 mpuz-nb-completed-games))))
(frac-part (% mean 100)))
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(goto-line 7)
(move-to-column 51)
(insert (prin1-to-string mpuz-nb-completed-games))
(goto-line 9)
(move-to-column 50)
(insert (format "%d.%d%d" (/ mean 100) (/ frac-part 10) (% frac-part 10))))))
(defun mpuz-paint-board ()
"Paint board situation on the puzzle screen."
(let ((letter -1))
(while (> 10 (setq letter (1+ letter)))
(mpuz-paint-digit (mpuz-to-digit letter))))
(goto-char (point-min)))
(defun mpuz-paint-digit (digit)
"Paint all occurrences of DIGIT on the puzzle board."
;; (mpuz-switch-to-window)
(let ((char (if (mpuz-digit-solved-p digit)
(+ digit ?0)
(+ (mpuz-to-letter digit) ?A)))
(square-l (aref mpuz-board digit)))
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(while square-l
(goto-line (car (car square-l))) ; line before column !
(move-to-column (cdr (car square-l)))
(insert char)
(delete-char 1)
(backward-char 1)
(setq square-l (cdr square-l))))))
(defun mpuz-delete-line ()
"Clear from point to next newline." ; & put nothing in the kill ring
(while (not (= ?\n (char-after (point))))
(delete-char 1)))
(defun mpuz-get-buffer ()
"Get the puzzle buffer if it exists."
(get-buffer "*Mult Puzzle*"))
(defun mpuz-switch-to-window ()
"Find or create the Mult-Puzzle buffer, and display it."
(let ((buff (mpuz-get-buffer)))
(or buff (setq buff (mpuz-create-buffer)))
(switch-to-buffer buff)
(or buffer-read-only (toggle-read-only))
;; Game control
(defun mpuz-abort-game ()
"Abort any puzzle in progess."
(message "Mult Puzzle aborted.")
(setq mpuz-in-progress nil
mpuz-nb-errors 0)
(fillarray mpuz-board nil)
(let ((buff (mpuz-get-buffer)))
(if buff (kill-buffer buff))))
(defun mpuz-start-new-game ()
"Start a new puzzle."
(message "Here we go...")
(setq mpuz-nb-errors 0
mpuz-in-progress t)
(fillarray mpuz-found-digits nil) ; initialize mpuz-found-digits
(defun mpuz-offer-new-game ()
"Ask if user wants to start a new puzzle."
(if (y-or-n-p "Start a new game ")
(message "OK. I won't.")))
(defun mult-puzzle ()
"Multiplication puzzle with GNU Emacs."
;; Main entry point
(if mpuz-in-progress
(defun mpuz-offer-abort ()
"Ask if user wants to abort current puzzle."
(if (y-or-n-p "Abort game ")
(defun mpuz-ask-for-try ()
"Ask for user proposal in puzzle."
(message "Your try ?"))
(defun mpuz-try-letter ()
"Propose a digit for a letter in puzzle."
(if mpuz-in-progress
(let (letter-char digit digit-char message)
(setq letter-char (if (or (< last-command-char ?a)
(> last-command-char ?z))
(- last-command-char 32))
digit (mpuz-to-digit (- letter-char ?A)))
(cond ((mpuz-digit-solved-p digit)
(message "%c already solved." letter-char))
((null (aref mpuz-board digit))
(message "%c does not appear." letter-char))
((progn (setq message (format "%c = " letter-char))
;; <char> has been entered.
;; Print "<char> =" and
;; read <num> or = <num>
(read-from-minibuffer message nil mpuz-read-map)
(if (= last-input-char ?\=)
(read-from-minibuffer message nil mpuz-read-map))
(setq digit-char last-input-char)
(message "%c = %c" letter-char digit-char)
(or (> digit-char ?9) (< digit-char ?0))) ; bad input
(ding t))
(mpuz-try-proposal letter-char digit-char))))
(defun mpuz-try-proposal (letter-char digit-char)
"Propose LETTER-CHAR as code for DIGIT-CHAR."
(let* ((letter (- letter-char ?A))
(digit (- digit-char ?0))
(correct-digit (mpuz-to-digit letter)))
(cond ((mpuz-digit-solved-p correct-digit)
(message "%c has already been found."))
((= digit correct-digit)
(message "%c = %c correct !" letter-char digit-char)
(mpuz-correct-guess digit))
(t ;;; incorrect guess
(message "%c = %c incorrect !" letter-char digit-char)
(setq mpuz-nb-errors (1+ mpuz-nb-errors))
(defun mpuz-correct-guess (digit)
"Handle correct guessing of DIGIT."
(aset mpuz-found-digits digit t) ; Mark digit as solved
(mpuz-paint-digit digit) ; Repaint it (now as a digit)
(if (mpuz-check-all-solved)
(defun mpuz-close-game ()
"Housecleaning when puzzle has been solved."
(setq mpuz-in-progress nil
mpuz-nb-cumulated-errors (+ mpuz-nb-cumulated-errors mpuz-nb-errors)
mpuz-nb-completed-games (1+ mpuz-nb-completed-games))
(let ((message (mpuz-congratulate)))
(message message)
(sit-for 4)
(if (y-or-n-p (concat message " Start a new game "))
(message "Good Bye !"))))
(defun mpuz-congratulate ()
"Build a congratulation message when puzzle is solved."
(format "Puzzle solved with %d errors. %s"
(cond ((= mpuz-nb-errors 0) "That's perfect !")
((= mpuz-nb-errors 1) "That's very good !")
((= mpuz-nb-errors 2) "That's good.")
((= mpuz-nb-errors 3) "That's not bad.")
((= mpuz-nb-errors 4) "That's not too bad...")
((and (>= mpuz-nb-errors 5)
(< mpuz-nb-errors 10)) "That's bad !")
((and (>= mpuz-nb-errors 10)
(< mpuz-nb-errors 15)) "That's awful.")
((>= mpuz-nb-errors 15) "That's not serious."))))
(defun mpuz-show-solution ()
"Display solution for debugging purposes."
(let (digit list)
(setq digit -1)
(while (> 10 (setq digit (1+ digit)))
(or (mpuz-digit-solved-p digit)
(setq list (cons digit list))))
(mapcar 'mpuz-correct-guess list)))
;;; End of mult-puzzle
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