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* refcards/refcard.tex: Refine some entries. (Bug#14087)

parent cce6beeb
2013-05-25 Xue Fuqiao <>
* refcards/refcard.tex: Refine some entries. (Bug#14087)
* refcards/dired-ref.tex: Refine some entries. (Bug#14072)
2013-05-24 Fabrice Niessen <>
......@@ -355,6 +355,7 @@ \section{Motion}
\key{scroll current line to center, top, bottom}{C-l}
\key{goto line}{M-g g}
\key{goto char}{M-g c}
\key{back to indentation}{M-m}
\section{Killing and Deleting}
......@@ -504,6 +505,7 @@ \section{Spelling Check}
\key{check spelling of current word}{M-\$}
\metax{check spelling of all words in region}{M-x ispell-region}
\metax{check spelling of entire buffer}{M-x ispell-buffer}
\metax{toggle on-the-fly spell checking}{M-x flyspell-mode}
......@@ -518,6 +520,7 @@ \section{Tags}
\key{execute a shell command}{M-!}
\key{execute a shell command asynchronously}{M-\&}
\key{run a shell command on the region}{M-|}
\key{filter region through a shell command}{C-u M-|}
\key{start a shell in window \kbd{*shell*}}{M-x shell}
......@@ -554,9 +557,12 @@ \section{Regular Expressions}
\key{zero or more repeats}{*}
\key{one or more repeats}{+}
\key{zero or one repeat}{?}
\key{quote special characters}{\\}
\key{quote regular expression special character {\it c\/}}{\\{\it c}}
\key{alternative (``or'')}{\\|}
\key{grouping}{\\( {\rm$\ldots$} \\)}
\key{shy grouping}{\\(:? {\rm$\ldots$} \\)}
\key{explicit numbered grouping}{\\(:NUM {\rm$\ldots$} \\)}
\key{same text as {\it n\/}th group}{\\{\it n}}
\key{at word break}{\\b}
\key{not at word break}{\\B}
......@@ -565,12 +571,15 @@ \section{Regular Expressions}
\threecol{{\bf entity}}{{\bf match start}}{{\bf match end}}
%% FIXME: "`" and "'" isn't displayed correctly in the output PDF file
\threecol{{\bf class of characters}}{{\bf match these}}{{\bf match others}}
\threecol{explicit set}{[ {\rm$\ldots$} ]}{[^ {\rm$\ldots$} ]}
\threecol{word-syntax character}{\\w}{\\W}
\threecol{character with syntax {\it c}}{\\s{\it c}}{\\S{\it c}}
\threecol{character with category {\it c}}{\\c{\it c}}{\\C{\it c}}
\section{International Character Sets}
......@@ -592,7 +601,7 @@ \section{Info}
\key{scroll forward}{SPC}
\key{scroll reverse}{DEL}
\key{beginning of node}{. {\rm (dot)}}
\key{beginning of node}{b}
Moving between nodes:
......@@ -640,7 +649,7 @@ \section{Commands Dealing with Emacs Lisp}
\key{eval current {\bf defun}}{C-M-x}
\metax{eval {\bf region}}{M-x eval-region}
\key{read and eval minibuffer}{M-:}
\metax{load from standard system directory}{M-x load-library}
\metax{load a Lisp library from {\bf load-path}}{M-x load-library}
\section{Simple Customization}
......@@ -669,7 +678,7 @@ \section{Writing Commands}
(defun this-line-to-top-of-window (line)
"Reposition current line to top of window.
With ARG, put point on line ARG."
With prefix argument LINE, put point on LINE."
(interactive "P")
(recenter (if (null line)
......@@ -677,7 +686,7 @@ \section{Writing Commands}
The \kbd{interactive} spec says how to read arguments interactively.
Type \kbd{C-h f interactive} for more details.
Type \kbd{C-h f interactive RET} for more details.
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