Commit 5f97a49d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman


Select the window that displays the custom buffer.
(custom-buffer-create-other-window): Likewise.
parent 76e159ab
......@@ -896,15 +896,14 @@ then prompt for the MODE to customize."
(let ((name (format "*Customize Group: %s*"
(custom-unlispify-tag-name group))))
(if (get-buffer name)
(let ((window (selected-window))
(let (
;; Copied from `custom-buffer-create-other-window'.
(pop-up-windows t)
(special-display-buffer-names nil)
(special-display-regexps nil)
(same-window-buffer-names nil)
(same-window-regexps nil))
(pop-to-buffer name)
(select-window window))
(pop-to-buffer name))
(list (list group 'custom-group))
......@@ -1240,21 +1239,20 @@ that option."
(defun custom-buffer-create-other-window (options &optional name description)
"Create a buffer containing OPTIONS.
"Create a buffer containing OPTIONS, and display it in another window.
The result includes selecting that window.
Optional NAME is the name of the buffer.
OPTIONS should be an alist of the form ((SYMBOL WIDGET)...), where
SYMBOL is a customization option, and WIDGET is a widget for editing
that option."
(unless name (setq name "*Customization*"))
(let ((window (selected-window))
(pop-up-windows t)
(let ((pop-up-windows t)
(special-display-buffer-names nil)
(special-display-regexps nil)
(same-window-buffer-names nil)
(same-window-regexps nil))
(pop-to-buffer (custom-get-fresh-buffer name))
(custom-buffer-create-internal options description)
(select-window window)))
(custom-buffer-create-internal options description)))
(defcustom custom-reset-button-menu nil
"If non-nil, only show a single reset button in customize buffers.
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