Commit 5f98a1d8 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(mail-hist-text-size-limit): New var.

(mail-hist-text-too-long-p): New func.
(mail-hist-add-header-contents-to-ring): call above; if the text is
too long, then store the empty string in the history.
parent 3fc9add9
......@@ -180,12 +180,24 @@ HEADER is a string without the colon."
(setq header (downcase header))
(cdr (assoc header mail-hist-header-ring-alist)))
(defvar mail-hist-text-size-limit nil
"*Don't store any header or body with more than this many characters.
If the value is nil, that means no limit on text size.")
(defun mail-hist-text-too-long-p (text)
"Return t if TEXT does not exceed mail-hist's size limit.
The variable `mail-hist-text-size-limit' defines this limit."
(if mail-hist-text-size-limit
(> (length text) mail-hist-text-size-limit)))
(defsubst mail-hist-add-header-contents-to-ring (header &optional contents)
"Add the contents of HEADER to the header history ring.
Optional argument CONTENTS is a string which will be the contents
(instead of whatever's found in the header)."
\(instead of whatever's found in the header)."
(setq header (downcase header))
(let ((ring (cdr (assoc header mail-hist-header-ring-alist))))
(let ((ctnts (or contents (mail-hist-current-header-contents)))
(ring (cdr (assoc header mail-hist-header-ring-alist))))
(if (mail-hist-text-too-long-p ctnts) (setq ctnts ""))
(or ring
;; If the ring doesn't exist, we'll have to make it and add it
;; to the mail-header-ring-alist:
......@@ -193,9 +205,7 @@ Optional argument CONTENTS is a string which will be the contents
(setq ring (make-ring mail-hist-history-size))
(setq mail-hist-header-ring-alist
(cons (cons header ring) mail-hist-header-ring-alist))))
(or contents (mail-hist-current-header-contents)))))
(ring-insert ring ctnts)))
(defun mail-hist-put-headers-into-history ()
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