Commit 5f9b2967 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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Revert patch in tramp-equal-remote

* lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-timeout-session):
Use `tramp-file-name-equal-p'.

* lisp/net/tramp.el (tramp-equal-remote): Revert patch.
parent 1342cccd
......@@ -4704,7 +4704,7 @@ Goes through the list `tramp-inline-compress-commands'."
"Close the connection VEC after a session timeout.
If there is just some editing, retry it after 5 seconds."
(if (and tramp-locked tramp-locker
(tramp-equal-remote vec tramp-current-connection))
(tramp-file-name-equal-p vec (car tramp-current-connection)))
vec 5 "Cannot timeout session, trying it again in %s seconds." 5)
......@@ -1230,6 +1230,7 @@ If nil, return `tramp-default-port'."
(or (tramp-file-name-port vec)
(tramp-get-method-parameter vec 'tramp-default-port)))
;; Comparision of file names is performed by `tramp-equal-remote'.
(defun tramp-file-name-equal-p (vec1 vec2)
"Check, whether VEC1 and VEC2 denote the same `tramp-file-name'."
(and (tramp-file-name-p vec1) (tramp-file-name-p vec2)
......@@ -4068,6 +4069,7 @@ If it doesn't exist, generate a new one."
(with-tramp-connection-property (tramp-get-connection-process vec) "device"
(cons -1 (setq tramp-devices (1+ tramp-devices)))))
;; Comparision of vectors is performed by `tramp-file-name-equal-p'.
(defun tramp-equal-remote (file1 file2)
"Check, whether the remote parts of FILE1 and FILE2 are identical.
The check depends on method, user and host name of the files. If
......@@ -4077,20 +4079,14 @@ account.
(tramp-equal-remote \"/ssh::/etc\" \"/<your host name>:/home\")
(tramp-equal-remote \"/ssh::/etc\" \"/-:<your host name>:/home\")
would yield t. On the other hand, the following check results in nil:
(tramp-equal-remote \"/sudo::/etc\" \"/su::/etc\")
FILE1 and FILE2 could also be Tramp vectors."
(or (and (tramp-tramp-file-p file1)
(tramp-tramp-file-p file2)
(string-equal (file-remote-p file1) (file-remote-p file2)))
(and (tramp-file-name-p file1)
(tramp-file-name-p file2)
(string-equal (tramp-make-tramp-file-name file1 'localname)
(tramp-make-tramp-file-name file2 'localname)))))
(tramp-equal-remote \"/sudo::/etc\" \"/su::/etc\")"
(and (tramp-tramp-file-p file1)
(tramp-tramp-file-p file2)
(string-equal (file-remote-p file1) (file-remote-p file2))))
(defun tramp-mode-string-to-int (mode-string)
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