Commit 5fc0154c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(sigchld_handler): Change XSETFASTINT to XSETINT.

parent 54021695
......@@ -3247,8 +3247,8 @@ sigchld_handler (signo)
XSETINT (p->tick, ++process_tick);
u.wt = w;
XSETFASTINT (p->raw_status_low, u.i & 0xffff);
XSETFASTINT (p->raw_status_high, u.i >> 16);
XSETINT (p->raw_status_low, u.i & 0xffff);
XSETINT (p->raw_status_high, u.i >> 16);
/* If process has terminated, stop waiting for its output. */
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