Commit 5fceaf9c authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(holiday-list): Rename it back to `list-holidays', but leave

`holiday-list' as an alias.
parent 24c6be9f
2007-09-15 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar.texi (Holidays): Change all instances of `holiday-list' back
to `list-holidays'.
2007-09-14 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar.texi: Update all instances of mark-calendar-holidays,
......@@ -109,15 +109,17 @@ This function is suitable for execution in a .emacs file."
(displayed-year (extract-calendar-year date)))
;; rms: "Emacs commands to display a list of something generally start
;; with `list-'. Please make `list-holidays' the principal name."
(defun holiday-list (y1 y2 &optional l label)
(defun list-holidays (y1 y2 &optional l label)
"Display holidays for years Y1 to Y2 (inclusive).
The optional list of holidays L defaults to `calendar-holidays'.
If you want to control what holidays are displayed, use a
different list. For example,
(holiday-list 2006 2006
(list-holidays 2006 2006
(append general-holidays local-holidays other-holidays))
will display holidays for the year 2006 defined in the 3
......@@ -206,6 +208,7 @@ The optional LABEL is used to label the buffer created."
(display-buffer holiday-buffer)
(message "Computing holidays...done"))))
(defalias 'holiday-list 'list-holidays)
(defun calendar-check-holidays (date)
"Check the list of holidays for any that occur on DATE.
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