Commit 5fd22973 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie
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Make transpose-regions invoke before-change-functions only once.

In the case of two non-contiguous regions the same size, transpose-regions has
been calling before-change-functions twice, once for each region.  It now
calls it just once, for the minimal region spanning both single regions.

* src/editfns.c (Ftranspose_regions): Combine two calls of modify_text into
parent fc31788b
......@@ -5293,8 +5293,7 @@ Transposing beyond buffer boundaries is an error. */)
modify_text (start1, end1);
modify_text (start2, end2);
modify_text (start1, end2);
record_change (start1, len1);
record_change (start2, len2);
tmp_interval1 = copy_intervals (cur_intv, start1, len1);
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