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2005-12-10 David Koppelman <>
* NEWS: hi-lock-mode is now buffer local, use global-hi-lock-mode
2005-12-02 Jay Belanger <>
* NEWS: Add comment about the Calc prefix.
2005-12-10 Johan Bockg,Ae(Brd <>
* align.el (align-regexp, align-highlight-rule): Use
region-beginning and region-end instead of point and mark, so that
repetition (with `repeat-complex-command') recomputes the region
2005-12-10 Lennart Borgman <>
* window.el (bw-get-tree, bw-get-tree-1, bw-find-tree-sub)
2005-12-10 David Koppelman <>
* display.texi (Highlight Interactively): Include
global-hi-lock-mode. Add miscellaneous details and elaborations.
2005-12-09 Richard M. Stallman <>
* display.texi (Font Lock): Delete the Global FL menu item.
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