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Improve the Emacs manual

* doc/emacs/xresources.texi (Table of Resources): Mention that
some resources are ignored by toolkit builds.
* doc/emacs/custom.texi (Key Bindings): Improve indexing.
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......@@ -1417,6 +1417,8 @@ commands, and @dfn{keymaps}, which record key bindings. It also
explains how to customize key bindings, which is done by editing your
init file (@pxref{Init Rebinding}).
@cindex reserved key bindings
@cindex keys, reserved
Since most modes define their own key bindings, activating a mode
might override your custom key bindings. A small number of keys are
reserved for user-defined bindings, and should not be used by modes,
......@@ -138,9 +138,10 @@ specifications.
@node Table of Resources
@appendixsec Table of X Resources for Emacs
This table lists the X resource names that Emacs recognizes,
excluding those that control the appearance of graphical widgets like
the menu bar:
The table below lists the X resource names that Emacs recognizes.
Note that some of the resources have no effect in Emacs compiled with
various X toolkits (GTK+, Lucid, etc.)---we indicate below when this
is the case.
@table @asis
@item @code{background} (class @code{Background})
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