Commit 5feeeae2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(smtpmail-send-it): Deleted all code related to Resent-To: processing.

(smtpmail-deduce-address-list): Changed the search for
Resent-\(To\|Cc\|Bcc\) headers.
(smtpmail-do-bcc): Delete Resent-Bcc: headers.
parent 969fe9b5
......@@ -117,7 +117,6 @@ This is relative to `smtpmail-queue-dir'.")
(tembuf (generate-new-buffer " smtpmail temp"))
(case-fold-search nil)
(mailbuf (current-buffer)))
......@@ -145,36 +144,17 @@ This is relative to `smtpmail-queue-dir'.")
(< (point) delimline))
(replace-match "\n"))
(let ((case-fold-search t))
(goto-char (point-min))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "^Resent-to:" delimline t)
(setq resend-to-addresses
(narrow-to-region (point)
(append (mail-parse-comma-list)
;;; Apparently this causes a duplicate Sender.
;;; ;; If the From is different than current user, insert Sender.
;;; (goto-char (point-min))
;;; (and (re-search-forward "^From:" delimline t)
;;; (progn
;;; (require 'mail-utils)
;;; (not (string-equal
;;; (mail-strip-quoted-names
;;; (save-restriction
;;; (narrow-to-region (point-min) delimline)
;;; (mail-fetch-field "From")))
;;; (user-login-name))))
;;; (progn
;;; (forward-line 1)
;;; (insert "Sender: " (user-login-name) "\n")))
;; We used to process Resent-... headers here,
;; but it was not done properly, and the job
;; is done correctly in smtpmail-deduce-address-list.
;; Don't send out a blank subject line
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (re-search-forward "^Subject:[ \t]*\n" delimline t)
(replace-match ""))
(if (re-search-forward "^Subject:\\([ \t]*\n\\)+\\b" delimline t)
(replace-match "")
;; This one matches a Subject just before the header delimiter.
(if (and (re-search-forward "^Subject:\\([ \t]*\n\\)+" delimline t)
(= (match-end 0) delimline))
(replace-match "")))
;; Put the "From:" field in unless for some odd reason
;; they put one in themselves.
(goto-char (point-min))
......@@ -239,8 +219,7 @@ This is relative to `smtpmail-queue-dir'.")
(setq smtpmail-address-buffer (generate-new-buffer "*smtp-mail*"))
(setq smtpmail-recipient-address-list
(or resend-to-addresses
(smtpmail-deduce-address-list tembuf (point-min) delimline)))
(smtpmail-deduce-address-list tembuf (point-min) delimline))
(kill-buffer smtpmail-address-buffer)
(smtpmail-do-bcc delimline)
......@@ -644,9 +623,9 @@ This is relative to `smtpmail-queue-dir'.")
(goto-char (point-min))
;; RESENT-* fields should stop processing of regular fields.
(if (re-search-forward "^RESENT-TO:" header-end t)
(setq addr-regexp "^\\(RESENT-TO:\\|RESENT-CC:\\|RESENT-BCC:\\)")
(setq addr-regexp "^\\(TO:\\|CC:\\|BCC:\\)")))
(if (re-search-forward "^Resent-\\(to\\|cc\\|bcc\\):" header-end t)
(setq addr-regexp "^Resent-\\(to\\|cc\\|bcc\\):")
(setq addr-regexp "^\\(To:\\|Cc:\\|Bcc:\\)")))
(while (re-search-forward addr-regexp header-end t)
(replace-match "")
......@@ -688,13 +667,13 @@ This is relative to `smtpmail-queue-dir'.")
(defun smtpmail-do-bcc (header-end)
"Delete BCC: and their continuation lines from the header area.
"Delete [Resent-]BCC: and their continuation lines from the header area.
There may be multiple BCC: lines, and each may have arbitrarily
many continuation lines."
(let ((case-fold-search t))
(save-excursion (goto-char (point-min))
;; iterate over all BCC: lines
(while (re-search-forward "^BCC:" header-end t)
(while (re-search-forward "^\(RESENT-\)?BCC:" header-end t)
(delete-region (match-beginning 0) (progn (forward-line 1) (point)))
;; get rid of any continuation lines
(while (and (looking-at "^[ \t].*\n") (< (point) header-end))
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