Commit 5fef06fc authored by Philipp Stephani's avatar Philipp Stephani

* src/json.c (lisp_to_json): Simplify.

parent 781bcce1
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......@@ -479,9 +479,7 @@ lisp_to_json (Lisp_Object lisp, struct json_configuration *conf)
intmax_t low = TYPE_MINIMUM (json_int_t);
intmax_t high = TYPE_MAXIMUM (json_int_t);
intmax_t value;
if (! (integer_to_intmax (lisp, &value) && low <= value && value <= high))
args_out_of_range_3 (lisp, make_int (low), make_int (high));
intmax_t value = check_integer_range (lisp, low, high);
return json_check (json_integer (value));
else if (FLOATP (lisp))
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