Commit 6014138c authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath
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(compilation-parse-errors): Detect doubled slashes in file names matched

and fix them up in the buffer.
parent 6fb8ee4f
......@@ -1388,6 +1388,32 @@ See variable `compilation-parse-errors-function' for the interface it uses."
(setq alist (car alist))
(error "compilation-parse-errors: impossible regexp match!"))
;; Some compilers (e.g. Sun's java compiler, reportedly)
;; produce bogus file names like "./bar//foo.c" for the file
;; "bar/foo.c"; expand-file-name will collapse these into
;; "/foo.c" and fail to find the appropriate file. So we look
;; for doubled slashes in the file name and fix them up in the
;; buffer. It is essential here to save the match-data not
;; only because the `search-forward' overwrites it, but
;; because the internally stored data returned by
;; `match-beginning' and `match-end' is integer locations
;; instead of markers; the deletions we do here make all the
;; later position values incorrect. However, when we extract
;; the positions with (match-data), we get a list of markers
;; that do compensate properly for insertions and deletions
;; automagically.
(let* ((data (match-data))
;; We extract from DATA here instead of just using
;; `(match-end (nth 1 alist))' because we need a marker
;; that will track the end of the file name properly
;; after we delete some characters in the middle of it.
(end (nth (1+ (* 2 (nth 1 alist))) data)))
(goto-char (1+ (nth (* 2 (nth 1 alist)) data)))
(while (search-forward "//" end t)
(delete-char -1)))
(store-match-data data))
;; Extract the file name and line number from the error message.
(let ((beginning-of-match (match-beginning 0)) ;looking-at nukes
(filename (buffer-substring (match-beginning (nth 1 alist))
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