Commit 601e0081 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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New font-lock-doc-face.

`comment-region' doesn't comment only whole lines.
Bad backrefs signal an error rather than turning into digits.
parent 7f84d9ae
......@@ -889,6 +889,9 @@ font-lock keywords from the current buffer or from a specific major mode.
*** `font-lock-syntactic-face-function' allows major-modes to choose
the face used for each string/comment.
*** A new standard face `font-lock-doc-face'.
Meant for Lisp docstrings, Javadoc comments and other "documentation in code".
** Comint (subshell) changes
These changes generally affect all modes derived from comint mode, which
......@@ -1690,6 +1693,8 @@ parser. It doesn't parse the DTDs however.
*** The comment operations are now provided by the newcomment.el
package which allows different styles of comment-region and should
be more robust while offering the same functionality.
`comment-region' now doesn't always comment a-line-at-a-time, but only
comments the region, breaking the line at point if necessary.
*** The Ebrowse package implements a C++ class browser and tags
......@@ -2429,6 +2434,9 @@ what BODY returns.
** Regular expressions now support intervals \{n,m\} as well as
Perl's shy-groups \(?:...\) and non-greedy *? +? and ?? operators.
Also backreferences like \2 are now considered as an error if the
corresponding subgroup does not exist (or is not closed yet).
Previously it would have been silently turned into `2' (ignoring the `\').
** The optional argument BUFFER of function file-local-copy has been
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