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(kill-line): Doc fix.

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......@@ -2836,12 +2836,12 @@ When calling from a program, nil means \"no arg\",
a number counts as a prefix arg.
To kill a whole line, when point is not at the beginning, type \
\\[beginning-of-line] \\[kill-line] \\[kill-line].
\\[move-beginning-of-line] \\[kill-line] \\[kill-line].
If `kill-whole-line' is non-nil, then this command kills the whole line
including its terminating newline, when used at the beginning of a line
with no argument. As a consequence, you can always kill a whole line
by typing \\[beginning-of-line] \\[kill-line].
by typing \\[move-beginning-of-line] \\[kill-line].
If you want to append the killed line to the last killed text,
use \\[append-next-kill] before \\[kill-line].
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