Commit 6038fdb2 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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Make Tramp tests more robust

* test/lisp/net/tramp-tests.el (tramp-test06-directory-file-name):
Bind `tramp-default-method'.
(tramp--test-file-attributes-equal-p): New defsubst.
(tramp-test19-directory-files-and-attributes): Use it.
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......@@ -2067,7 +2067,8 @@ This checks also `file-name-as-directory', `file-name-directory',
;; We must clear `tramp-default-method'. On hydra, it is "ftp",
;; which ruins the tests.
(let ((non-essential n-e)
(file-remote-p tramp-test-temporary-file-directory 'method)))
......@@ -2964,6 +2965,13 @@ This tests also `file-readable-p', `file-regular-p' and
(ignore-errors (delete-file tmp-name1))
(ignore-errors (delete-file tmp-name2))))))
(defsubst tramp--test-file-attributes-equal-p (attr1 attr2)
"Check, whether file attributes ATTR1 and ATTR2 are equal.
They might differ only in access time."
(setcar (nthcdr 4 attr1) tramp-time-dont-know)
(setcar (nthcdr 4 attr2) tramp-time-dont-know)
(equal attr1 attr2))
(ert-deftest tramp-test19-directory-files-and-attributes ()
"Check `directory-files-and-attributes'."
(skip-unless (tramp--test-enabled))
......@@ -2995,14 +3003,16 @@ This tests also `file-readable-p', `file-regular-p' and
5 (file-attributes (expand-file-name (car elt) tmp-name2)))
(equal (file-attributes (expand-file-name (car elt) tmp-name2))
(cdr elt)))))
(file-attributes (expand-file-name (car elt) tmp-name2))
(cdr elt)))))
(setq attr (directory-files-and-attributes tmp-name2 'full))
(dolist (elt attr)
(unless (tramp-compat-time-equal-p
(nth 5 (file-attributes (car elt))) tramp-time-dont-know)
(equal (file-attributes (car elt)) (cdr elt)))))
(file-attributes (car elt)) (cdr elt)))))
(setq attr (directory-files-and-attributes tmp-name2 nil "^b"))
(should (equal (mapcar 'car attr) '("bar" "boz"))))
......@@ -5564,6 +5574,7 @@ Since it unloads Tramp, it shall be the last test to run."
;; * file-equal-p (partly done in `tramp-test21-file-links')
;; * file-in-directory-p
;; * file-name-case-insensitive-p
;; * tramp-set-file-uid-gid
;; * Work on skipped tests. Make a comment, when it is impossible.
;; * Revisit expensive tests, once problems in `tramp-error' are solved.
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