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Add description of +LINE:COLUMN for emacsclient.

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......@@ -1241,12 +1241,14 @@ automatically when you finish with them.
and optionally line numbers as well. Do it like this:
emacsclient @r{@{}@r{[}+@var{line}@r{]} @var{filename}@r{@}}@dots{}
emacsclient @r{@{}@r{[}+@var{line}@r{[}@var{column}@r{]}@r{]} @var{filename}@r{@}}@dots{}
@end example
This tells Emacs to visit each of the specified files; if you specify a
line number for a certain file, Emacs moves to that line in the file.
If you specify a column number for a file, Emacs moves to that column
in the file.
Ordinarily, @code{emacsclient} does not return until you use the
@kbd{C-x #} command on each of these buffers. When that happens,
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