Commit 6044e593 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(send_process): GCPRO object.

parent 8bed5e3d
......@@ -2645,6 +2645,9 @@ send_process (proc, buf, len, object)
/* Use volatile to protect variables from being clobbered by longjmp. */
int rv;
volatile unsigned char *procname = XSTRING (XPROCESS (proc)->name)->data;
struct gcpro gcpro1;
GCPRO1 (object);
#ifdef VMS
struct Lisp_Process *p = XPROCESS (proc);
......@@ -2783,6 +2786,8 @@ send_process (proc, buf, len, object)
error ("SIGPIPE raised on process %s; closed it", procname);
DEFUN ("process-send-region", Fprocess_send_region, Sprocess_send_region,
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