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Document new variables wrap-prefix and line-prefix.

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......@@ -1842,15 +1842,14 @@ deleting a terminal.
*** For underlined characters, the distance between the underline and
the baseline is controlled by a new variable, `underline-minimum-offset'.
*** You can now pass the value of the `invisible' property to
invisible-p to check whether it would cause the text to be invisible.
This is convenient when checking invisibility of text with no buffer
position (e.g. in before/after-strings).
*** `clear-image-cache' can be told to flush only images of a specific file.
*** `vertical-motion' can now be given a goal column.
It now accepts a cons cell (COLS . LINES) in its first argument, which
says to stop, where possible, at a pixel x-position equal to COLS
......@@ -1859,6 +1858,13 @@ times the default column width.
*** redisplay-end-trigger-functions, set-window-redisplay-end-trigger,
and window-redisplay-end-trigger are obsolete. Use `jit-lock-register'
*** The new variables `wrap-prefix' and `line-prefix' specify display
specs which are appended at display-time to every continuation line
and non-continuation line, respectively. In addition, Emacs
recognizes the `wrap-prefix' and `line-prefix' text or overlay
properties; these have the same effects as the variables of the same
name, but take precedence.
** The Lisp interpreter now treats non-breaking space as whitespace.
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