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2007-05-20 Nick Roberts <>
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS) Add gpm.h.
(AC_CHECK_LIB): Add -lgpm.
* configure: Regenerate.
2007-05-03 Glenn Morris <>
* configure: Tweak message about the absence of shell functions.
2007-05-20 Nick Roberts <>
* t-mouse.el: Reduce to a minor-mode macro call.
2007-05-19 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Change the regexp so that
2007-05-20 Nick Roberts <>
* (LIBGPM): Allow it to be set from configure.
If set then link Emacs with it.
* Regenerate.
* lisp.h (add_gpm_wait_descriptor, delete_gpm_wait_descriptor):
New externs.
* termhooks.h [HAVE_GPM_H] (enum event_kind): Add GPM_CLICK_EVENT.
Include gpm.h.
(handle_one_term_event, term_gpm) New externs.
* sysdep.c [HAVE_GPM_H] (init_sys_modes): Make gpm_fd nonblocking
and allow it to be interrupted by SIGIO.
* process.c (gpm_wait_mask, max_gpm_desc): New variables.
(wait_reading_process_output): Wait on gpm_fd too.
(add_gpm_wait_descriptor, delete_gpm_wait_descriptor)): New functions.
(add_gpm_wait_descriptor_called_flag): New variable.
(delete_keyboard_wait_descriptor): Check gpm_wait_mask.
* keyboard.c [HAVE_GPM_H] (Qmouse_fixup_help_message)
(make_lispy_movement, tracking_off, Ftrack_mouse, some_mouse_moved)
(show_help_echo, readable_events, kbd_buffer_get_event, init_keyboard):
Extend HAVE_MOUSE ifdefs to HAVE_GPM_H.
(make_lispy_event): Add case GPM_CLICK_EVENT.
(read_avail_input): Handle mouse input.
* term.c (write_glyphs_with_face): New function.
[HAVE_GPM_H]: Include buffer.h, sys/fcntl.h.
(mouse_face_beg_row, mouse_face_beg_col, mouse_face_end_row)
(mouse_face_end_col, mouse_face_past_end, mouse_face_window)
(mouse_face_face_id, term_gpm, pos_x, pos_y)
(last_mouse_x, last_mouse_y): New variables.
(term_show_mouse_face, term_clear_mouse_face, fast_find_position)
(term_mouse_highlight, term_mouse_movement, term_mouse_position)
(term_mouse_click, handle_one_term_event, Fterm_open_connection)
(Fterm_close_connection): New functions.
(term_init): Initialise mouse_face_window.
2007-05-19 Chong Yidong <>
* xdisp.c (redisplay_window): If first window line is a
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