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Explain how to use featurep with make-network-process.

Changed :datagram t to :type 'datagram for datagram connection.
parent 41ad6233
......@@ -692,11 +692,14 @@ opening of stream and datagram connections to a server, as well as
create a stream or datagram server inside emacs.
- A server is started using :server t arg.
- Datagram connection is selected using :datagram t arg.
- Datagram connection is selected using :type 'datagram arg.
- A server can open on a random port using :service t arg.
- Local sockets are supported using :family 'local arg.
- Non-blocking connect is supported using :nowait t arg.
To test for the availability of a given feature, use featurep like this:
(featurep 'make-network-process '(:type datagram))
*** Original open-network-stream is now emulated using make-network-process.
*** New function open-network-stream-nowait.
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