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Mention Unicode limitations.

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......@@ -27,6 +27,19 @@ mule-unicode-2500-33ff:-gnu-unifont-*-iso10646-1,\
* Encoding some characters as Unicode (UTF-8/16) is rejected by Emacs.
Emacs currently, by default, only supports the parts of the BMP whose
codepoints are in the ranges 0000-33ff and e000-ffff. This excludes
CJK, Yi, Music, and Maths.
If you try to save a file containing characters with code points
outside this range, Emacs will suggest other compatible coding
By turning Utf-Translate-Cjk mode on, many more CJK characters are
included in the support.
* Problems with file dialogs in Emacs built with Open Motif.
When Emacs 21 is built with Open Motif 2.1, it can happen that the
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