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Don't use @deffn Subroutine.

parent d0fc47ed
......@@ -1550,13 +1550,13 @@ complete and relative specifications can be combined, as in
symbolic mode bits specifications.
@end defun
@deffn Subroutine file-modes-symbolic-to-number modes &optional base-modes
@defun file-modes-symbolic-to-number modes &optional base-modes
This subroutine converts a symbolic specification of file mode bits in
@var{modes} into the equivalent numeric value. If the symbolic
specification is based on an existing file, that file's mode bits are
taken from the optional argument @var{base-modes}; if that argument is
omitted or nil, it defaults to zero, i.e.@: no access rights at all.
@end deffn
@end defun
@defun set-file-times filename &optional time
This function sets the access and modification times of @var{filename}
......@@ -575,13 +575,13 @@ any subsequent command that moves point and is not shift-translated
action that would normally deactivate the mark.
@end defopt
@deffn Subroutine use-region-p
@defun use-region-p
This function returns @code{t} if Transient Mark mode is enabled, the
mark is active, and there's a valid region in the buffer. Commands
that operate on the region (instead of on text near point) when
there's an active mark should use this subroutine to test whether to
do that.
@end deffn
@end defun
@defopt mark-even-if-inactive
If this is non-@code{nil}, Lisp programs and the Emacs user can use the
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