Commit 614b38a9 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(bw-get-tree, bw-get-tree-1, bw-find-tree-sub)

(bw-find-tree-sub-1, bw-l, bw-t, bw-r, bw-b, bw-dir, bw-eqdir)
(bw-refresh-edges, bw-adjust-window, bw-balance-sub): New functions.
(balance-windows): Rewrite using the above new functions.
parent a8514f71
2005-12-10 Lennart Borgman <>
* window.el (bw-get-tree, bw-get-tree-1, bw-find-tree-sub)
(bw-find-tree-sub-1, bw-l, bw-t, bw-r, bw-b, bw-dir, bw-eqdir)
(bw-refresh-edges, bw-adjust-window, bw-balance-sub): New functions.
(balance-windows): Rewrite using the above new functions.
2005-12-10 David Koppelman <>
* hi-lock.el: (hi-lock-mode) Renamed from hi-lock-buffer-mode;
......@@ -228,75 +228,201 @@ If WINDOW is nil or omitted, it defaults to the currently selected window."
(or (= (nth 2 edges) (nth 2 (window-edges (previous-window))))
(= (nth 0 edges) (nth 0 (window-edges (next-window))))))))
(defun balance-windows ()
"Make all visible windows the same height (approximately)."
;;; `balance-windows' subroutines using `window-tree'
;;; Translate from internal window tree format
(defun bw-get-tree (&optional window-or-frame)
"Get a window split tree in our format.
WINDOW-OR-FRAME must be nil, a frame, or a window. If it is nil,
then the whole window split tree for `selected-frame' is returned.
If it is a frame, then this is used instead. If it is a window,
then the smallest tree containing that window is returned."
(when window-or-frame
(unless (or (framep window-or-frame)
(windowp window-or-frame))
(error "Not a frame or window: %s" window-or-frame)))
(let ((subtree (bw-find-tree-sub window-or-frame)))
(if (integerp subtree)
(bw-get-tree-1 subtree))))
(defun bw-get-tree-1 (split)
(if (windowp split)
(let ((dir (car split))
(edges (car (cdr split)))
(childs (cdr (cdr split))))
(cons 'dir (if dir 'ver 'hor))
(cons 'b (nth 3 edges))
(cons 'r (nth 2 edges))
(cons 't (nth 1 edges))
(cons 'l (nth 0 edges))
(cons 'childs (mapcar #'bw-get-tree-1 childs))))))
(defun bw-find-tree-sub (window-or-frame &optional get-parent)
(let* ((window (when (windowp window-or-frame) window-or-frame))
(frame (when (windowp window) (window-frame window)))
(wt (car (window-tree frame))))
(when (< 1 (length (window-list frame 0)))
(if window
(bw-find-tree-sub-1 wt window get-parent)
(defun bw-find-tree-sub-1 (tree win &optional get-parent)
(unless (windowp win) (error "Not a window: %s" win))
(if (memq win tree)
(if get-parent
(let ((childs (cdr (cdr tree)))
(while (and childs (not subtree))
(setq child (car childs))
(setq childs (cdr childs))
(when (and child (listp child))
(setq subtree (bw-find-tree-sub-1 child win get-parent))))
(if (integerp subtree)
(if (= 1 subtree)
(1- subtree)))
;;; Window or object edges
(defun bw-l(obj)
"Left edge of OBJ."
(if (windowp obj) (nth 0 (window-edges obj)) (cdr (assq 'l obj))))
(defun bw-t(obj)
"Top edge of OBJ."
(if (windowp obj) (nth 1 (window-edges obj)) (cdr (assq 't obj))))
(defun bw-r(obj)
"Right edge of OBJ."
(if (windowp obj) (nth 2 (window-edges obj)) (cdr (assq 'r obj))))
(defun bw-b(obj)
"Bottom edge of OBJ."
(if (windowp obj) (nth 3 (window-edges obj)) (cdr (assq 'b obj))))
;;; Split directions
(defun bw-dir(obj)
"Return window split tree direction if OBJ.
If OBJ is a window return 'both. If it is a window split tree
then return its direction."
(if (symbolp obj)
(if (windowp obj)
(let ((dir (cdr (assq 'dir obj))))
(unless (memq dir '(hor ver both))
(error "Can't find dir in %s" obj))
(defun bw-eqdir(obj1 obj2)
"Return t if window split tree directions are equal.
OBJ1 and OBJ2 should be either windows or window split trees in
our format. The directions returned by `bw-dir' are compared and
t is returned if they are `eq' or one of them is 'both."
(let ((dir1 (bw-dir obj1))
(dir2 (bw-dir obj2)))
(or (eq dir1 dir2)
(eq dir1 'both)
(eq dir2 'both))))
;;; Building split tree
(defun bw-refresh-edges(obj)
"Refresh the edge information of OBJ and return OBJ."
(unless (windowp obj)
(let ((childs (cdr (assq 'childs obj)))
(ol 1000)
(ot 1000)
(or -1)
(ob -1))
(dolist (o childs)
(when (> ol (bw-l o)) (setq ol (bw-l o)))
(when (> ot (bw-t o)) (setq ot (bw-t o)))
(when (< or (bw-r o)) (setq or (bw-r o)))
(when (< ob (bw-b o)) (setq ob (bw-b o))))
(setq obj (delq 'l obj))
(setq obj (delq 't obj))
(setq obj (delq 'r obj))
(setq obj (delq 'b obj))
(add-to-list 'obj (cons 'l ol))
(add-to-list 'obj (cons 't ot))
(add-to-list 'obj (cons 'r or))
(add-to-list 'obj (cons 'b ob))
;;; Balance windows
(defun balance-windows(&optional window-or-frame)
"Make windows the same heights or widths in window split subtrees.
When called non-interactively WINDOW-OR-FRAME may be either a
window or a frame. It then balances the windows on the implied
frame. If the parameter is a window only the corresponding window
subtree is balanced."
(let ((count -1) levels newsizes level-size
;; Don't count the lines that are above the uppermost windows.
;; (These are the menu bar lines, if any.)
(mbl (nth 1 (window-edges (frame-first-window (selected-frame)))))
(last-window (previous-window (frame-first-window (selected-frame))))
;; Don't count the lines that are past the lowest main window.
;; Bottom edge of last window determines what size we have to work with.
(setq total
(+ (window-height last-window)
(nth 1 (window-edges last-window))))
;; Find all the different vpos's at which windows start,
;; then count them. But ignore levels that differ by only 1.
(let (tops (prev-top -2))
(walk-windows (function (lambda (w)
(setq tops (cons (nth 1 (window-edges w))
(setq tops (sort tops '<))
(while tops
(if (> (car tops) (1+ prev-top))
(setq prev-top (car tops)
count (1+ count)))
(setq levels (cons (cons (car tops) count) levels))
(setq tops (cdr tops)))
(setq count (1+ count)))
;; Subdivide the frame into desired number of vertical levels.
(setq level-size (/ (- total mbl) count))
;; Set up NEWSIZES to map windows to their desired sizes.
;; If a window ends at the bottom level, don't include
;; it in NEWSIZES. Those windows get the right sizes
;; by adjusting the ones above them.
(walk-windows (function
(lambda (w)
(let ((newtop (cdr (assq (nth 1 (window-edges w))
(newbot (cdr (assq (+ (window-height w)
(nth 1 (window-edges w)))
(if newbot
(setq newsizes
(cons (cons w (* level-size (- newbot newtop)))
;; Make walk-windows start with the topmost window.
(select-window (previous-window (frame-first-window (selected-frame))))
(let (done (count 0))
;; Give each window its precomputed size, or at least try.
;; Keep trying until they all get the intended sizes,
;; but not more than 3 times (to prevent infinite loop).
(while (and (not done) (< count 3))
(setq done t)
(setq count (1+ count))
(walk-windows (function (lambda (w)
(select-window w)
(let ((newsize (cdr (assq w newsizes))))
(when newsize
(enlarge-window (- newsize
(unless (= (window-height) newsize)
(setq done nil))))))
(let (
(wt (bw-get-tree window-or-frame))
(windows (window-list nil 0))
(counter 0))
(when wt
(while (not (member last-sizes tried-sizes))
(when last-sizes (setq tried-sizes (cons last-sizes tried-sizes)))
(setq last-sizes (mapcar (lambda(w)
(window-edges w))
(when (eq 'hor (bw-dir wt))
(setq w (- (bw-r wt) (bw-l wt))))
(when (eq 'ver (bw-dir wt))
(setq h (- (bw-b wt) (bw-t wt))))
(bw-balance-sub wt w h)))))
(defun bw-adjust-window(window delta horizontal)
"Wrapper around `adjust-window-trailing-edge' with error checking.
Arguments WINDOW, DELTA and HORIZONTAL are passed on to that function."
(condition-case err
(adjust-window-trailing-edge window delta horizontal)
;;(message "adjust: %s" (error-message-string err))
(defun bw-balance-sub(wt w h)
(setq wt (bw-refresh-edges wt))
(unless w (setq w (- (bw-r wt) (bw-l wt))))
(unless h (setq h (- (bw-b wt) (bw-t wt))))
(if (windowp wt)
(when w
(let ((dw (- w (- (bw-r wt) (bw-l wt)))))
(when (/= 0 dw)
(bw-adjust-window wt dw t))))
(when h
(let ((dh (- h (- (bw-b wt) (bw-t wt)))))
(when (/= 0 dh)
(bw-adjust-window wt dh nil)))))
(let* ((childs (cdr (assq 'childs wt)))
(lastchild (car (last childs)))
(cw (when w (/ w (if (bw-eqdir 'hor wt) (length childs) 1))))
(ch (when h (/ h (if (bw-eqdir 'ver wt) (length childs) 1)))))
(dolist (c childs)
(bw-balance-sub c cw ch)))))
;; I think this should be the default; I think people will prefer it--rms.
(defcustom split-window-keep-point t
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