Commit 6163a680 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Auto-commit of loaddefs files.

parent 3bf26e96
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
;;;;;; cl--map-overlays cl--map-intervals cl--map-keymap-recursively
;;;;;; cl-notevery cl-notany cl-every cl-some cl-mapcon cl-mapcan
;;;;;; cl-mapl cl-mapc cl-maplist cl-map cl--mapcar-many cl-equalp
;;;;;; cl-coerce) "cl-extra" "cl-extra.el" "7d7f65d8a05e954a919fe2555b68fb05")
;;;;;; cl-coerce) "cl-extra" "cl-extra.el" "0e9284b6492cc98eee7c85ae4e5322ee")
;;; Generated autoloads from cl-extra.el
(autoload 'cl-coerce "cl-extra" "\
......@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ Remove from SYMBOL's plist the property PROPNAME and its value.
;;;;;; cl-typecase cl-ecase cl-case cl-load-time-value cl-eval-when
;;;;;; cl-destructuring-bind cl-function cl-defmacro cl-defun cl-gentemp
;;;;;; cl-gensym cl--compiler-macro-cXXr cl--compiler-macro-list*)
;;;;;; "cl-macs" "cl-macs.el" "366e9efa4e3e7a81b2253e503611b23a")
;;;;;; "cl-macs" "cl-macs.el" "57cf89149db1e8ea6bc1582713980cf8")
;;; Generated autoloads from cl-macs.el
(autoload 'cl--compiler-macro-list* "cl-macs" "\
......@@ -473,9 +473,9 @@ from OBARRAY.
(put 'cl-do-symbols 'lisp-indent-function '1)
(autoload 'cl-do-all-symbols "cl-macs" "\
Like `cl-do-symbols', but use the default obarray.
\(fn SPEC &rest BODY)" nil t)
\(fn (VAR [RESULT]) BODY...)" nil t)
(put 'cl-do-all-symbols 'lisp-indent-function '1)
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