Commit 6171a945 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(custom-comment-create): Fill :from and :to slots

parent 4a8adb0b
......@@ -1955,9 +1955,13 @@ If INITIAL-STRING is non-nil, use that rather than \"Parent groups:\"."
(defun custom-comment-create (widget)
(let* ((null-comment (equal "" (widget-value widget))))
(when (or (widget-get (widget-get widget :parent) :comment-shown)
(if (or (widget-get (widget-get widget :parent) :comment-shown)
(not null-comment))
(widget-default-create widget))))
(widget-default-create widget)
;; `widget-default-delete' expects markers in these slots --
;; maybe it shouldn't.
(widget-put widget :from (point-marker))
(widget-put widget :to (point-marker)))))
(defun custom-comment-hide (widget)
(widget-put (widget-get widget :parent) :comment-shown nil))
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