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Expand and clarify the description of bugtracker setting for bzr.

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** Bazaar stuff
*** You can use `bzr commit --fixes debbugs:123' to mark that a commit fixes
Emacs bug 123. You will first need to add a line to your bazaar.conf:
Emacs bug 123. You will first need to add a line to your ~/bazaar.conf
or ~/locations.conf:
bugtracker_debbugs_url ={id}
Here "{id}" is a literal string, a placeholder that will be replaced
by the bug number you specify after `--fixes debbugs:' in the bzr
command line (123 in the example above).
In the bazaar.conf file, this setting should go into the [DEFAULTS]
In the locations.conf file, it should go into the branch-specific
configuration section for the branch where you want this to be in
effect. For example, if you want this to be in effect for the branch
located at `/home/projects/emacs/trunk', you need to have this in your
~/locations.conf file:
bugtracker_debbugs_url ={id}
If you want to use this in all Emacs branches whose common parent is
`/home/projects/emacs', put the setting in the [/home/projects/emacs]
section. See "bzr help configuration" for more information about
the *.conf files, their location and formats. See "bzr help bugs" for
more information about the bugtracker_debbugs_url setting.
See also log-edit-rewrite-fixes in .dir-locals.el.
Note that all this does is add some metadata to the commit, it doesn't
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