Commit 617a496c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(LD_RUN_PATH): Prepend x_libraries to this envvar.

parent cc210d67
......@@ -1253,6 +1253,15 @@ if test "${HAVE_X11}" = "yes"; then
# On Solaris, arrange for LD_RUN_PATH to point to the X libraries for tests.
# This is handled by LD_SWITCH_X_SITE_AUX during the real build,
# but it's more convenient here to set LD_RUN_PATH
# since this also works on hosts that don't understand LD_SWITCH_X_SITE_AUX.
if test "${x_libraries}" != NONE && test -n "${x_libraries}"; then
export LD_RUN_PATH
if test "${opsys}" = "linux"; then
AC_MSG_CHECKING(whether X on GNU/Linux needs -b to link)
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