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New option --alternate-editor for emacsclient.

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......@@ -1177,6 +1177,19 @@ names that are temporary.
returns immediately without waiting for you to ``finish'' the buffer in
If you have forgotten to start Emacs, then the option
@samp{--alternate-editor=@var{command}} may be useful. It specifies a
command to run if @code{emacsclient} fails to contact Emacs. For
example, the following setting for the @var{EDITOR} environment variable
will always give an editor, even if Emacs is not running.
EDITOR="emacsclient --alternate-editor vi +%d %s"
@end example
The environment variable @var{ALTERNATE_EDITOR} has the same effect, but
the value of the @samp{--alternate-editor} takes precedence.
* Invoking emacsclient::
@end menu
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