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2006-09-19 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* INSTALL: Remove descriptions about experimental flags.
* inc/config.h: Sync with src/
* src/Emacs.r (M_APPLE): New define.
(MENU): Use it.
2006-09-15 Jay Belanger <>
* COPYING: Replace "Library Public License" by "Lesser Public
2006-09-19 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* emacs.c (shut_down_emacs) [!subprocesses]: Don't set
* mac.c [!MAC_OSX] (select): Fix argument name.
* macmenu.c (enum mac_menu_kind, min_menu_id): New enumerator and
menu ID for Apple menu.
(menubar_selection_callback): Remove function.
(find_and_call_menu_selection): New function from xmenu.c.
(x_activate_menubar): Use it.
(set_frame_menubar): Don't use f->output_data.mac->menubar_active.
* macterm.c (menubar_selection_callback): Remove extern.
(M_APPLE): Change to 234.
(do_apple_menu) [!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Make non-static.
(do_menu_choice): Remove function.
* macterm.h (struct mac_output): Remove member menubar_active.
(do_menu_choice): Remove extern.
(do_apple_menu) [!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Add extern.
2006-09-18 Jan Dj,Ad(Brv <>
* xfns.c (syms_of_xfns): Rename x_gtk_show_chooser_help_text to
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