Commit 61a925c1 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(x-show-tip): Doc fix.

parent d63931a2
......@@ -10892,7 +10892,10 @@ displayed at the mouse position, with offset DX added (default is 5 if\n\
DX isn't specified). Likewise for the y-position; if a `top' frame\n\
parameter is specified, it determines the y-position of the tooltip\n\
window, otherwise it is displayed at the mouse position, with offset\n\
DY added (default is -10).")
DY added (default is -10).\n\
A tooltip's maximum size is specified by `x-max-tooltip-size'.\n\
Text larger than the specified size is clipped.")
(string, frame, parms, timeout, dx, dy)
Lisp_Object string, frame, parms, timeout, dx, dy;
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