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(Entering Emacs): Note that inhibit-startup-screen can't be changed in

the site-start file.
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......@@ -69,7 +69,14 @@ non-@code{nil}, Emacs does not display the startup screen. In that
case, if one or more files were specified on the command line, Emacs
simply displays those files; otherwise, it displays a buffer named
@samp{*scratch*}, which can be used to evaluate Emacs Lisp expressions
interactively. @xref{Lisp Interaction}.
interactively (@pxref{Lisp Interaction}). You can set the variable
@code{inhibit-startup-screen} by using the Customize facility
(@pxref{Easy Customization}), or by editing your initialization file
(@pxref{Init File}).@footnote{Note that setting
@code{inhibit-startup-screen} in @file{site-start.el} doesn't work,
because the startup screen is set up before reading
@file{site-start.el}. @xref{Init File}, for information about
@node Exiting, Basic, Entering Emacs, Top
@section Exiting Emacs
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