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Describe dired-omit-mode. Describe desktop package changes.

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2004-06-10 Lars Hansen <>
* NEWS: Describe dired-omit-mode. Describe desktop package changes.
2004-05-29 Steven Tamm <>
* PROBLEMS: Document the workaround for the Mac OS X port not
......@@ -222,6 +222,37 @@ This is like `strokes-global-set-stroke', but it allows you to bind
the stroke directly to a string to insert. This is convenient for
using strokes as an input method.
** Desktop package
*** Desktop saving is now a minor mode, desktop-save-mode. Variable
desktop-enable is obsolete. Customize desktop-save-mode to enable desktop
*** Buffers are saved in the desktop file in the same order as that in the
buffer list.
*** New commands:
- desktop-revert reverts to the last loaded desktop.
- desktop-change-dir kills current desktop and loads a new.
- desktop-save-in-desktop-dir saves desktop in the directory from which
it was loaded.
*** New customizable variables:
- desktop-save. Determins whether the desktop should be saved when it is
- desktop-file-name-format.
- desktop-path. List of directories in which to lookup the desktop file.
- desktop-locals-to-save.
- desktop-globals-to-clear.
- desktop-clear-preserve-buffers-regexp.
*** New command line option --no-desktop
*** New hooks:
- desktop-after-read-hook run after a desktop is loaded.
- desktop-no-desktop-file-hook run when no desktop file is found.
** The saveplace.el package now filters out unreadable files.
When you exit Emacs, the saved positions in visited files no longer
......@@ -430,6 +461,14 @@ what external viewers to use and when.
*** In Dired, the w command now copies the current line's file name
into the kill ring.
** Dired-x:
*** Omitting files is now a minor mode, dired-omit-mode. The mode toggling
command is bound to M-o. A new command dired-mark-omitted, bound to M-O,
marks omitted files. The variable dired-omit-files-p is obsoleted, use the
mode toggling function instead.
** Info mode:
*** Info now hides node names in menus and cross references by default.
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