Commit 62056764 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* intervals.c (set_point): Check for point out of bounds before

	checking for an empty interval tree.
parent 517b2e01
......@@ -1254,16 +1254,18 @@ set_point (position, buffer)
if (position == buffer->
/* Check this now, before checking if the buffer has any intervals.
That way, we can catch conditions which break this sanity check
whether or not there are intervals in the buffer. */
if (position > BUF_Z (buffer) || position < BUF_BEG (buffer))
abort ();
if (NULL_INTERVAL_P (buffer->intervals))
buffer-> = position;
/* Perhaps we should just change `position' to the limit. */
if (position > BUF_Z (buffer) || position < BUF_BEG (buffer))
abort ();
/* Position Z is really one past the last char in the buffer. */
if (position == BUF_ZV (buffer))
iposition = position - 1;
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