Commit 622dca89 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

(init_display) [MSDOS]: Don't initialize frame faces,

it will be done later.
parent 4aec4b29
......@@ -5693,6 +5693,13 @@ For types not defined in VMS, use define emacs_term \"TYPE\".\n\
/* Set up faces of the initial terminal frame of a dumped Emacs. */
if (initialized
&& !noninteractive
#ifdef MSDOS
/* The MSDOS terminal turns on its ``window system'' relatively
late into the startup, so we cannot do the frame faces'
initialization just yet. It will be done later by pc-win.el
and internal_terminal_init. */
&& (strcmp (terminal_type, "internal") != 0 || inhibit_window_system)
&& NILP (Vwindow_system))
call0 (intern ("tty-set-up-initial-frame-faces"));
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