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......@@ -137,7 +137,6 @@ in the Emacs distribution. Type @kbd{C-h C-f} to read the FAQ; type
* Stuck Recursive:: `[...]' in mode line around the parentheses.
* Screen Garbled:: Garbage on the screen.
* Text Garbled:: Garbage in the text.
* Unasked-for Search:: Spontaneous entry to incremental search.
* Memory Full:: How to cope when you run out of memory.
* After a Crash:: Recovering editing in an Emacs session that crashed.
* Emergency Escape:: Emergency escape---
......@@ -269,42 +268,6 @@ If it appears, the text you don't see is probably still present, but
temporarily off-limits. To make it accessible again, type @kbd{C-x n
w}. @xref{Narrowing}.
@node Unasked-for Search
@subsection Spontaneous Entry to Incremental Search
If Emacs spontaneously displays @samp{I-search:} at the bottom of the
screen, it means that the terminal is sending @kbd{C-s} and @kbd{C-q}
according to the poorly designed xon/xoff ``flow control'' protocol.
If this happens to you, your best recourse is to put the terminal in a
mode where it will not use flow control, or give it so much padding that
it will never send a @kbd{C-s}. (One way to increase the amount of
padding is to set the variable @code{baud-rate} to a larger value. Its
value is the terminal output speed, measured in the conventional units
of baud.)
@cindex flow control
@cindex xon-xoff
@findex enable-flow-control
If you don't succeed in turning off flow control, the next best thing
is to tell Emacs to cope with it. To do this, call the function
@findex enable-flow-control-on
Typically there are particular terminal types with which you must use
flow control. You can conveniently ask for flow control on those
terminal types only, using @code{enable-flow-control-on}. For example,
if you find you must use flow control on VT-100 and H19 terminals, put
the following in your @file{.emacs} file:
(enable-flow-control-on "vt100" "h19")
@end example
When flow control is enabled, you must type @kbd{C-\} to get the
effect of a @kbd{C-s}, and type @kbd{C-^} to get the effect of a
@node Memory Full
@subsection Running out of Memory
@cindex memory full
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