Commit 624b4662 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(vc-resynch-window): New arg NOQUERY. Pass it to vc-revert-buffer1.

(vc-checkout, vc-finish-logentry, vc-revert-buffer, vc-finish-steal):
Supply t as NOQUERY arg for vc-resynch-window.
(vc-next-action): Don't revert workfile from master if buffer is modified.
parent a426b157
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
;; Author: Eric S. Raymond <>
;; Version: 4.0
;; $Id: vc.el,v 1.12 1992/10/05 22:03:53 rms Exp rms $
;; $Id: vc.el,v 1.13 1992/10/06 08:59:39 rms Exp rms $
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -292,8 +292,13 @@ the option to steal the lock."
;; give luser a chance to save before checking in.
;; revert if file is unchanged
(if (vc-workfile-unchanged-p file)
;; Revert if file is unchanged and buffer is too.
;; If buffer is modified, that means the user just said no
;; to saving it; in that case, don't revert,
;; because the user might intend to save
;; after finishing the log entry.
(if (and (vc-workfile-unchanged-p file)
(not (buffer-modified-p)))
(vc-backend-revert file)
(vc-resynch-window file t))
......@@ -320,14 +325,17 @@ the option to steal the lock."
(and override (read-string "Initial version level: ")))
(defun vc-resynch-window (file &optional keep)
(defun vc-resynch-window (file &optional keep noquery)
;; If the given file is in the current buffer,
;; either revert on it so we see expanded keyworks,
;; or unvisit it (depending on vc-keep-workfiles)
;; NOQUERY if non-nil inhibits confirmation for reverting.
;; NOQUERY should be t *only* if it is known the only difference
;; between the buffer and the file is due to RCS rather than user editing!
(and (string= buffer-file-name file)
(if keep
(vc-revert-buffer1 nil t)
(vc-revert-buffer1 nil noquery)
(vc-mode-line buffer-file-name))
......@@ -335,7 +343,7 @@ the option to steal the lock."
(defun vc-admin (file rev)
"Checks a file into your version-control system.
"Check a file into your version-control system.
FILE is the unmodified name of the file. REV should be the base version
level to check it in under."
(if vc-initial-comment
......@@ -377,13 +385,13 @@ level to check it in under."
;; This is called when the notification has been sent.
(defun vc-finish-steal (file version)
(vc-backend-steal file version)
(vc-resynch-window file t))
(vc-resynch-window file t t))
(defun vc-checkout (file &optional writeable)
"Retrieve a copy of the latest version of the given file."
(vc-backend-checkout file writeable)
(if (string-equal file buffer-file-name)
(vc-resynch-window file t))
(vc-resynch-window file t t))
(defun vc-checkin (file &optional rev comment)
......@@ -435,7 +443,7 @@ popped up to accept a comment."
(delete-window (get-buffer-window "*VC-log*"))
(bury-buffer "*VC-log*")
;; Now make sure we see the expanded headers
(vc-resynch-window buffer-file-name vc-keep-workfiles)
(vc-resynch-window buffer-file-name vc-keep-workfiles t)
(run-hooks vc-log-after-operation-hook)
......@@ -716,7 +724,7 @@ to that version."
(if changed
(vc-backend-revert file)
(vc-resynch-window file t)
(vc-resynch-window file t t)
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