Commit 62735036 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

make-dist: fix bug with top-level ChangeLog

Problem reported by Glenn Morris in:
* make-dist (top_level_ChangeLog): New var.  Use it to link
top-level ChangeLog only when desired.
parent 57442b68
......@@ -358,12 +358,14 @@ fi
echo "Creating top directory: '${tempdir}'"
mkdir ${tempdir} || exit
if [ "$changelog" = yes ]; then
if test -r .git; then
## When making a release or pretest the ChangeLog should already
## have been created and edited as needed. Don't ignore it.
if test -r ChangeLog; then
echo "Using existing top-level ChangeLog"
echo "Making top-level ChangeLog"
make ChangeLog CHANGELOG=${tempdir}/ChangeLog || \
......@@ -383,9 +385,9 @@ top_level='
ChangeLog.*[0-9] configure
config.bat make-dist .dir-locals.el
aclocal.m4 CONTRIBUTE ChangeLog
aclocal.m4 CONTRIBUTE
ln $top_level $tempdir || exit
ln $top_level $top_level_ChangeLog $tempdir || exit
echo "Creating subdirectories"
for subdir in site-lisp \
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