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2005-12-28 Juri Linkov <>
2005-12-27 Richard M. Stallman <>
* mouse.el (mouse-drag-region-1): When remapping mouse-1 to
mouse-2, go back to previously selected window, so it's selected
when mouse-2 command runs.
2005-12-27 Juri Linkov <>
* descr-text.el (describe-text-sexp): Use square brackets for
button [Show] to distinguish it from the property value `show'.
......@@ -27,7 +33,7 @@
* textmodes/flyspell.el (flyspell-external-point-words):
New criteria for finding the misspelling in the buffer.
2005-12-28 Nick Roberts <>
2005-12-27 Nick Roberts <>
* help-mode.el (help-insert-string): Set help-xref-stack-item
rather than call help-setup-xref.
......@@ -35,7 +41,7 @@
* descr-text.el (describe-char): Revert previous changes for
optional buffer argument.
2005-12-28 Juri Linkov <>
2005-12-27 Juri Linkov <>
* help-mode.el (help-insert-string): New function. Save buffer
contents in cases where it is impossible to recompute the old
......@@ -70,13 +76,13 @@
* textmodes/bibtex.el (bibtex-strings, bibtex-reference-keys):
Don't use the `args' argument of lazy-completion-table.
2005-12-27 Nick Roberts <>
2005-12-26 Nick Roberts <>
* descr-text.el (describe-char): Add optional argument for buffer.
Set buffer appropriately. Call help-setup-xref.
Suggested by Stefan Monnier.
2005-12-27 Juri Linkov <>
2005-12-26 Juri Linkov <>
* descr-text.el: Require `help-fns' at runtime. Don't require
`button' for byte compilation.
2005-12-27 Richard M. Stallman <>
* lread.c (readevalloop): Set PT and ZV in the proper buffer,
not the current one.
* minibuf.c (Fminibuffer_message): Doc fix.
(read_minibuf): Set current_buffer->enable_multibyte_characters sooner.
* eval.c (do_autoload): Ignore elements of Vautoload_queue
where car is not symbol.
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