Commit 628f6a2c authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Tweak nthcdr for bignum efficiency

* src/fns.c (Fnthcdr): Use mpz_tdiv_ui and mpz_tdiv_r
instead of mpz_mod_ui and mpz_mod, as they are more efficient.
Suggested by Pip Cet in:
parent 1d84e652
......@@ -1470,11 +1470,11 @@ DEFUN ("nthcdr", Fnthcdr, Snthcdr, 2, 2, 0,
/* Add N mod CYCLE_LENGTH to NUM. */
if (cycle_length <= ULONG_MAX)
num += mpz_mod_ui (mpz[0], XBIGNUM (n)->value, cycle_length);
num += mpz_tdiv_ui (XBIGNUM (n)->value, cycle_length);
mpz_set_intmax (mpz[0], cycle_length);
mpz_mod (mpz[0], XBIGNUM (n)->value, mpz[0]);
mpz_tdiv_r (mpz[0], XBIGNUM (n)->value, mpz[0]);
intptr_t iz;
mpz_export (&iz, NULL, -1, sizeof iz, 0, 0, mpz[0]);
num += iz;
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