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Clarify what's the problem with KDE's klipper applet.

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......@@ -1074,14 +1074,15 @@ EOF
* Emacs hangs on KDE when a large portion of text is killed.
This happens because KDE intercepts the X clipboard and appears not to
notify Emacs properly when it is done. A C-g will not interrupt this:
Emacs will print "Quit", but will continue waiting. After a while,
Emacs will print a message:
This is caused by a bug in the KDE applet `klipper' which periodically
requests the X clipboard contents from applications. Early versions
of klipper don't implement the ICCM protocol for large selections,
which leads to Emacs being flooded with selection requests. After a
while, Emacs will print a message:
Timed out waiting for property-notify event
A workaround is to kill the KDE application called `klipper'.
A workaround is to not use `klipper'.
* Emacs compiled with DJGPP for MS-DOS/MS-Windows cannot access files
in the directory with the special name `dev' under the root of any
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