Commit 62e3c31f authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(save-selected-window): Minor optimization.

(bw-adjust-window): If operation failed, try with a smaller delta.
(window-fixed-size-p): New function.
(window-area-factor): New var.
(balance-windows-area): New command.
parent 5da6890d
......@@ -48,6 +48,8 @@ recenter the visited source file. Its value can be a number (for example,
** The mode-line display a `@' if the default-directory for the current buffer
is on a remote machine, or a hyphen otherwise.
** The new command balance-window-area balances windows both vertically
and horizontally.
* Startup Changes in Emacs 23.1
2007-07-24 Stefan Monnier <>
* window.el (save-selected-window): Minor optimization.
(bw-adjust-window): If operation failed, try with a smaller delta.
(window-fixed-size-p): New function.
(window-area-factor): New var.
(balance-windows-area): New command.
* ps-mule.el (ps-multibyte-buffer): Docstring fixes.
(ps-mule-encode-ethiopic): Make it clear that it's always defined.
(ps-mule-prepare-font-for-components, ps-mule-encode-header-string)
......@@ -57,15 +57,15 @@ BODY remains selected."
;; select-window changes frame-selected-window for whatever
;; frame that window is in.
(mapcar (lambda (frame) (list frame (frame-selected-window frame)))
(mapcar (lambda (frame) (cons frame (frame-selected-window frame)))
(progn ,@body)
(dolist (elt save-selected-window-alist)
(and (frame-live-p (car elt))
(window-live-p (cadr elt))
(set-frame-selected-window (car elt) (cadr elt))))
(window-live-p (cdr elt))
(set-frame-selected-window (car elt) (cdr elt))))
(if (window-live-p save-selected-window-window)
(select-window save-selected-window-window))))))
......@@ -396,11 +396,15 @@ subtree is balanced."
(defun bw-adjust-window (window delta horizontal)
"Wrapper around `adjust-window-trailing-edge' with error checking.
Arguments WINDOW, DELTA and HORIZONTAL are passed on to that function."
(condition-case err
(adjust-window-trailing-edge window delta horizontal)
;;(message "adjust: %s" (error-message-string err))
;; `adjust-window-trailing-edge' may fail if delta is too large.
(while (>= (abs delta) 1)
(condition-case err
(adjust-window-trailing-edge window delta horizontal)
(setq delta 0))
;;(message "adjust: %s" (error-message-string err))
(setq delta (/ delta 2))))))
(defun bw-balance-sub (wt w h)
(setq wt (bw-refresh-edges wt))
......@@ -423,6 +427,99 @@ Arguments WINDOW, DELTA and HORIZONTAL are passed on to that function."
(dolist (c childs)
(bw-balance-sub c cw ch)))))
;;; A different solution to balance-windows
(defun window-fixed-size-p (&optional window direction)
"Non-nil if WINDOW cannot be resized in DIRECTION.
DIRECTION can be nil (i.e. any), `height' or `width'."
(with-current-buffer (window-buffer window)
(let ((fixed (and (boundp 'window-size-fixed) window-size-fixed)))
(when fixed
(not (and direction
(member (cons direction window-size-fixed)
'((height . width) (width . height)))))))))
(defvar window-area-factor 1
"Factor by which the window area should be over-estimated.
This is used by `balance-windows-area'.
Changing this globally has no effect.")
(defun balance-windows-area ()
"Make all visible windows the same area (approximately).
See also `window-area-factor' to change the relative size of specific buffers."
(let* ((unchanged 0) (carry 0) (round 0)
;; Remove fixed-size windows.
(wins (delq nil (mapcar (lambda (win)
(if (not (window-fixed-size-p win)) win))
(window-list nil 'nomini))))
(changelog nil)
;; Resizing a window changes the size of surrounding windows in complex
;; ways, so it's difficult to balance them all. The introduction of
;; `adjust-window-trailing-edge' made it a bit easier, but it is still
;; very difficult to do. `balance-window' above takes an off-line
;; approach: get the whole window tree, then balance it, then try to
;; adjust the windows so they fit the result.
;; Here, instead, we take a "local optimization" approach, where we just
;; go through all the windows several times until nothing needs to be
;; changed. The main problem with this approach is that it's difficult
;; to make sure it terminates, so we use some heuristic to try and break
;; off infinite loops.
;; After a round without any change, we allow a second, to give a chance
;; to the carry to propagate a minor imbalance from the end back to
;; the beginning.
(while (< unchanged 2)
;; (message "New round")
(setq unchanged (1+ unchanged) round (1+ round))
(dolist (win wins)
(setq next win)
(while (progn (setq next (next-window next))
(window-fixed-size-p next)))
;; (assert (eq next (or (cadr (member win wins)) (car wins))))
(let* ((horiz
(< (car (window-edges win)) (car (window-edges next))))
(areadiff (/ (- (* (window-height next) (window-width next)
(buffer-local-value 'window-area-factor
(window-buffer next)))
(* (window-height win) (window-width win)
(buffer-local-value 'window-area-factor
(window-buffer win))))
(max (buffer-local-value 'window-area-factor
(window-buffer win))
(buffer-local-value 'window-area-factor
(window-buffer next)))))
(edgesize (if horiz
(+ (window-height win) (window-height next))
(+ (window-width win) (window-width next))))
(diff (/ areadiff edgesize)))
(when (zerop diff)
;; Maybe diff is actually closer to 1 than to 0.
(setq diff (/ (* 3 areadiff) (* 2 edgesize))))
(when (and (zerop diff) (not (zerop areadiff)))
(setq diff (/ (+ areadiff carry) edgesize))
;; Change things smoothly.
(if (or (> diff 1) (< diff -1)) (setq diff (/ diff 2))))
(if (zerop diff)
;; Make sure negligible differences don't accumulate to
;; become significant.
(setq carry (+ carry areadiff))
(bw-adjust-window win diff horiz)
;; (sit-for 0.5)
(let ((change (cons win (window-edges win))))
;; If the same change has been seen already for this window,
;; we're most likely in an endless loop, so don't count it as
;; a change.
(unless (member change changelog)
(push change changelog)
(setq unchanged 0 carry 0)))))))
;; We've now basically balanced all the windows.
;; But there may be some minor off-by-one imbalance left over,
;; so let's do some fine tuning.
;; (bw-finetune wins)
;; (message "Done in %d rounds" round)
;; I think this should be the default; I think people will prefer it--rms.
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