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Extend emacs register to accept value from registerv-make

A value object returned by `registerv-make' has slots to control
jump-to-register, describe-register-1 and insert-register.
parent 2afef60a
2011-06-26 Leo Liu <>
* register.el (registerv): New struct.
(registerv-make): New function.
(jump-to-register, describe-register-1, insert-register): Support
the jump-func, print-func and insert-func slot of a registerv
struct. (Bug#8415)
2011-06-26 Chong Yidong <>
* vc/vc.el (vc-revert-show-diff): New defcustom.
......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@
;; pieces of buffer state to named variables. The entry points are
;; documented in the Emacs user's manual.
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(declare-function semantic-insert-foreign-tag "semantic/tag" (foreign-tag))
(declare-function semantic-tag-buffer "semantic/tag" (tag))
(declare-function semantic-tag-start "semantic/tag" (tag))
......@@ -50,9 +52,36 @@
;;; Code:
(registerv (:constructor nil)
(:constructor registerv--make (&optional data print-func
jump-func insert-func))
(:copier nil)
(:type vector)
(data nil :read-only t)
(print-func nil :read-only t)
(jump-func nil :read-only t)
(insert-func nil :read-only t))
(defun* registerv-make (data &key print-func jump-func insert-func)
"Create a register value object.
DATA can be any value.
PRINT-FUNC if provided controls how `list-registers' and
`view-register' print the register. It should be a function
recieving one argument DATA and print text that completes
this sentence:
Register X contains [TEXT PRINTED BY PRINT-FUNC]
JUMP-FUNC if provided, controls how `jump-to-register' jumps to the register.
INSERT-FUNC if provided, controls how `insert-register' insert the register.
They both receive DATA as argument."
(registerv--make data print-func jump-func insert-func))
(defvar register-alist nil
"Alist of elements (NAME . CONTENTS), one for each Emacs register.
NAME is a character (a number). CONTENTS is a string, number, marker or list.
NAME is a character (a number). CONTENTS is a string, number, marker, list
or a struct returned by `registerv-make'.
A list of strings represents a rectangle.
A list of the form (file . FILE-NAME) represents the file named FILE-NAME.
A list of the form (file-query FILE-NAME POSITION) represents
......@@ -120,6 +149,11 @@ delete any existing frames that the frame configuration doesn't mention.
(interactive "cJump to register: \nP")
(let ((val (get-register register)))
((registerv-p val)
(assert (registerv-jump-func val) nil
"Don't know how to jump to register %s"
(single-key-description register))
(funcall (registerv-jump-func val) (registerv-data val)))
((and (consp val) (frame-configuration-p (car val)))
(set-frame-configuration (car val) (not delete))
(goto-char (cadr val)))
......@@ -209,6 +243,11 @@ The Lisp value REGISTER is a character."
(princ " contains ")
(let ((val (get-register register)))
((registerv-p val)
(if (registerv-print-func val)
(funcall (registerv-print-func val) (registerv-data val))
((numberp val)
(princ val))
......@@ -285,8 +324,11 @@ Interactively, second arg is non-nil if prefix arg is supplied."
(let ((val (get-register register)))
((consp val)
(insert-rectangle val))
((registerv-p val)
(assert (registerv-insert-func val) nil
"Don't know how to insert register %s"
(single-key-description register))
(funcall (registerv-insert-func val) (registerv-data val)))
((stringp val)
(insert-for-yank val))
((numberp val)
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