Commit 63503b24 authored by Simon Marshall's avatar Simon Marshall
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Make get-buffer-window-list take MINIBUF arg.

parent 673cc3c5
......@@ -698,14 +698,14 @@ On those systems, it is automatically local in every buffer.
On other systems, this variable is normally always nil.")
;; This should probably be written in C (i.e., without using `walk-windows').
(defun get-buffer-window-list (buffer &optional frame)
(defun get-buffer-window-list (buffer &optional minibuf frame)
"Return windows currently displaying BUFFER, or nil if none.
See `get-buffer-window' for the meaning of FRAME."
See `walk-windows' for the meaning of MINIBUF and FRAME."
(let ((buffer (if (bufferp buffer) buffer (get-buffer buffer))) windows)
(walk-windows (function (lambda (window)
(if (eq (window-buffer window) buffer)
(setq windows (cons window windows)))))
nil frame)
minibuf frame)
(defun ignore (&rest ignore)
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